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About Bizkinnect

About Bizkinnect

At Bizkinnect, we believe that work should be fulfilling and bring benefits to each individual, family, and community a business represents.

Our mission is to help others find joy, purpose and fulfillment in work by walking alongside them in improving their organization’s overall health.

We specialize in working with enterprise-wide software implementations such as Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementations. We also offer all of our services remotely via video conferencing.

Our founder and lead consultant, Rod Miller, has been a PLM professional since 1999. His specialty is initiating the cultural changes required for organizational health within large corporate projects.

With a reputation for architecting enterprise-wide solutions that marry business initiatives with technological answers, we construct business systems that give your people the power to fully leverage your processes and technology.


“I have had the great pleasure to work with Rod on a large & complex system deployment. Rod provided clarity & insight to our challenges. He leveraged his experience & deep knowledge to provide workable solutions.

“Rod invested himself in the project. He not only cared about the success of the project, but of the people—both those executing the project and those ultimately benefitting from it.”
—Marc LeBlanc, Manager, Engineering Infrastructure & Services

“Rod did a great job in the deployment of PLM across the corporation, in both training development & delivery of end-user training.

“In addition, his experience in the PLM field proved to be invaluable in working with the Canadian portion of our business, where he led the creation of best practices & incorporated these into our end-user training.”
—Kevin Huffman, PDMLink Deployment Program Technical & Training Lead – Central Engineering


Ready to connect?

  • Sign up for the 45-minute webinar, “Conflict and Clarity,” with Bizkinnect’s lead consultant, Rod Miller. In this webinar, Rod shares practical organizational health and change management concepts you can begin to apply today.
  • Would you like a free one-hour consultation? Let’s connect!  We would love to help you as you implement these practices within your own organization.
  • Please note, we now also offer all of our services remotely via video conferencing.
  • If you have any questions, feel free to call us directly.  800-953-8112


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